Psychiatry & Information Technology


Information Technology has had a growing impact on our culture, and is now almost pervasive in our daily lives. Psychiatry interfaces with Information Technology in many ways.

Internet Addiction is a new problem, with increasing numbers of people suffering from this new problem. The internet makes it simple to transfer large amounts of data to large numbers of people. While this can be very beneficial, it brings up many issues about confidentiality of our personal information in general as well as medical information specifically.

The stigma of Mental Health has improved, in part because of the spread of accurate information about it on the Internet, though there is still a lot of inaccurate information out there as well.

Treatment of mental illness can be helped by the internet. Online questionnaires & surveys can help with initial awareness of mental health issues, profiles of Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals can help one pick a good match, and medical records, scheduling, billing, prescribing can also be done on the internet.

The interaction of Psychiatry and the Internet can be a great advance, or can cause big problems. It is important to be aware of their advances to move things in the right direction.


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